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Grepolis, a free to play MMO!

Grepolis is advertised as a free MMO browser based game, where the main objective is to build cities and troops that will conquer and take away other players’ cities. You can, and it’s a good idea to, form alliances with other players and cooperate in taking control of as many islands as possible that make up the game map. Once your alliance controls an entire island, which is made up of 20 cities, when the server is heading towards closure, you will be able to build a world wonder. This usually takes about 18-24 months, but it really depends on the number of active players and cities.

As the game is a real-time simulator, it doesn’t matter if you are online or not, you can be attacked and loose cities to other gamers. So from this point of view, Grepolis keeps you engaged and can be considered an active game. When attacked, you will be loosing your troops so can be frustrating sometimes. I’ve seen some players speaking of Grepolis cheats that allow them to save some of their troops and resources when being attacked, but i`m not sure how true this is.

Even though the game is considered to be free, players can buy gold that gives extra benefits such as bonuses when your troops are fighting, improved favor from the gods, higher amounts of resources and all kind of tools to help you improve your battle strategies. If you really want to perform well in this game, it is highly suggested that you should spend real money on gold to help you remain competitive. A downside of the game is that Grepolis doesn’t have a global chat where players can interact and make the time pass easier. Therefore, most of the players use Skype when putting up their alliance strategies to conquer the world!

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